I enjoy teaching a lot. Currently, I teach six courses at the Charles University: two major (100-150 students) bachelor and master level introductory courses on quantitative methods, a negotiation simulation-based course Crisis Games, a new course on natural language processing/large language models in political research, an introduction to global political economy, and a seminar on global economic governance.

Five times, I received the Golden Course Award for the best-evaluated course at the Institute of Political Studies. The Globalisation and Society course I co-taught (with Dr. Michal Onderco) at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2019 received a nomination for the best course award, ranking among TOP10 courses from the entire Faculty.

I was also a visiting lecturer at the LMU Munich (2022, workshop on media and world politics), Erasmus University Rotterdam (2019, two full courses on Globalization and Society) and at the University of Konstanz (2018, course on Global Economic Governance).

Beyond university teaching, I have authored the project called Politika Z. It is a series of short videos (in Czech) about politics for general public. OVer the years, the project Facebook site or the Youtube channel accumulated well over 200 000 views.