I am Assistant Professor and the Deputy Head of the Department of International Relations at the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University, Prague. I research and teach courses on international politics and international organizations. I have studied at Charles University, at the University of Bath, at Princeton University, and at Freie Universitńt Berlin. In my research, I focus on the functioning of international institutions and global information inter-connectedness. I am the principal investigator of project GLOWIN, Global Flows of Political Information.

The results of my research have been published in leading scholarly journals in the field of International Relations, including in International Studies Quarterly (2021), The Review of International Organizations (2017, 2021), and New Political Economy (2018). I am the author of Negotiations in the World Trade Organization: Design and Performance (2020, Routledge).

Next to research and university teaching, I have authored the project called Politika Z. It is a series of short videos (in Czech) about politics for general public. If you want to have a look check out the project Facebook site or the Youtube channel.
Michal Parizek
Institute of Political Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences
Charles University
Prague, Czechia
E-mail: michal.parizek@fsv.cuni.cz
Ⓒ Michal Parizek